ShinyLAN Terms and Conditions

1. Participant Conduct
Participants must not behave in a manner that will spoil the event for others nor cause intentional damage to any property belonging either to other participants, ShinyLAN or the venue management.

2. Equipment Security
Neither ShinyLAN nor the venue management are responsible for the loss, damage or theft of property belonging to participants at any point during the event. Your equipment is your own responsibility. We advise that you take precautions such as not leaving small items unsupervised, securing larger items to your desk and procuring your own insurance for your property while at the event.

3. Alcohol & Illegal Substances
Participants under the age of 18 years are not permitted to consume alcohol on-site. If event staff believe that an individual has consumed excessive alcohol they will not be permitted to continue consuming alcohol after being notified. If the participant's behaviour may cause harm or upset to other participants as a result they may be temporarily or permanently ejected from the event, at the discretion of the event management.

Participants suspected of being under the influence of any illicit substances may be asked to leave the event, at the discretion of the event management.

Smoking is not permitted inside the venue at any time. Smoking areas are available outside the hall.

4. Minimum Age
Participants under the age of 18 years are permitted to attend the event if agreed to in writing by staff in advance.

Participants under the age of 16 years are not permitted to attend the event.

5. Resulting Actions
Participants failing to adhere to any of these terms and conditions may either receive a verbal warning or be asked to leave the event without refund, depending on the severity of the breach of terms as determined by the event management.

If one section or clause of these terms and conditions is found to be unenforceable, the remaining sections or clauses will remain enforceable

6. Network Usage Policy
The following usage policy is in place to maintain network stability and quality for all participants. By connecting to the ShinyLAN network you agree to the following:

  1. You will not use the provided event network for any illegal or illicit activities, including but not limited to: distribution of copyrighted materials for which you do not hold permission to distribute, illegal materials or malicious software including that intended to cause harm, damage or disruption to the event network, event systems or other participants.
  2. You will not disrupt network services or internet access for other participants.
  3. Access to the internet is provided by a third party on a best endeavour basis, and is not a guaranteed benefit of ticket purchase.
  4. You will ensure any devices you control that are connected to the event network are free from malicious software prior to attending the event, and that any devices you control are kept secure and protected from malicious software during the event. You are responsible for your own security and protection during the event. If event management suspect that one of your devices is distributing malicious software, or is deemed to be inadequately secure, your network access for all your devices will be revoked until the suspected issue is resolved to the satisfaction of event management.
  5. Event management is not responsible for the security of your device.

Any breach of the network usage policy may result in your network access being revoked for the duration of the event.

7. Provision of Facilities
You are not permitted to plug anything into the event power systems other than your PC (and related peripherals), Monitor, Mobile Phone/Camera Chargers or similar. Non-PC related items (e.g. microwaves, kettles, desk fans, refrigerators) are not permitted.

The event management accepts no liability for any damage or consequences resulting from usa of the event power system. We strongly recommend that you bring surge protected power adapter to protect your own hardware.

8. Photography and Video
Wincanton Memorial Hall has its own internal security cameras which are not under the control of the event management. Please consider your actions inside the venue as they may be recorded. During the event, ShinyLAN staff may take photos and video which are later shared online. If you do not wish to appear in any of the photos or videos please notify the member of staff taking photos or filming at the time.

9. Cancellations
If you are unable to attend the event, please notify any member of staff as soon as possible. If your notification is received whilst the early bird offer is still available, your ticket will be refunded minus a £5 admin fee to cover our payment provider fees.

Notifications received after the early bird offer is closed will not be refunded unless the event is full and your place can be sold to the next person on the waiting list, in which case the £5 administration fee will still apply. You may also choose to have your ticket carried forward to our next event instead of being refunded. A ticket may only be carried forward in this manner once.


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